Day -1: Pancake Day.

As I come home from work in the early morning hours, I am craving the pancakes that I am hoping my flat mates will have left for me in the kitchen. I do have some twinges of conscience because it is after midnight: some may argue that the period of lent has officially begun. My friend M’s confident encouragement that lent does really only start with the next morning, however, convinces me.

As expected, I find large piles of pancakes, this wonderful creation full of milk and eggs, in our homely kitchen. Knowing that this will be the last non-vegan meal for a while, I truly indulge in my pancakes drowned in Maple Syrup before happily dozing off to sleep.

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  1. Try the vegan pancakes in Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook. They’re made with almond milk and cinnamon, so good! Even my kids love them 🙂

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