A fresh and spicy start

Dear readers,

I have decided to finally rejuvenate this blog and restart to tell the tales of my vegan eating. Yes, I am indeed a vegetarian now, still I intend to cook more and more vegan food and reduce animal products in my diet. This blog will hopefully help my motivation to do so!

Now, the other day I happened to see a Whole Foods pantry in a small town somewhere in Ontario. The lady there was incredibly nice and it was great to see all her different products. Positively suprised by the offers, I decided to stock up right away for my new blogging and vegan cooking ventures. This is my phat loot:

Let the fun begin …

(1) Sunflower seeds

(2) Israeli CousCous

(3) Bulgur

(4) Nutritional Yeast

(5) Chia seeds

Now, what to do with all these babies? Suggestions are always welcome.
Can’t wait to start cooking! 🙂

  1. Kelley said:

    You can make a lovely, refreshing pudding with your chia seeds by letting them soak in orange juice for about an hour or so until the mixture thickens. We eat ours with some sliced bananas and strawberries. As for the nutritional yeast, it’s great in mashed potatoes and on popcorn. Good luck with your efforts. I am still working at completely eliminating eggs and dairy for what seems like forever. I go along pretty well for awhile and then the cheese calls to me! For some, it just takes a little more time, I guess.

    • Awesome tip! How much orange juice do you use for what amount of chia seeds? And yes, there is no point in forcing yourself too much I think. I have only been vegetarian for a couple of months, so I am taking it slow right now – but I do try and I love vegan cooking!

  2. Kelley said:

    I believe it’s about 1/4 cup of chia seeds to 2 cups of juice but I like mine a little thicker so I add more chia seeds. I understand you can make this with just about any liquid, such as almond or soy milk, though I have yet to make it this way. It comes out like tapioca or rice pudding.

    • Ok.. I’ve only tried it with water so far and that came out a bit too thin for my taste, so I’ll definitely try the juice version. Sounds like a plan! Thanks again for the tip!

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