Review: MoschMosch at Frankfurt Airport

As part of the new blog format I will also start, albeit rather irregularly, to review restaurants I visit. Especially, of course, if I think they are worth recommending to you guys. I will start with the Japanese restaurant MoschMosch at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

So – I don’t know what it was with this place. Maybe because I was tired, maybe because I was exhausted from the journey or even because I knew I had a long flight ahead of me: it just magically drew me to this place and gosh, was it worth it. Udon with fried tofu? Yes please. Japanese noodles with fresh veggies and spices? Anytime. Have a look at their menu…


I decided to go for the fried udon with Tofu: delish! Just look at all these colours and the big pieces of tofu. It was great.

This is the place from the inside. The decoration is really nice.. I am not a fan of the massive square tables though. The people sitting opposite you are too far away to hold a conversation, but at the same time it’s awkward if some other lonely traveller sits down at the table. Although you might be sort of far away, you’re still sitting at the same table so it’s strange. I had an interesting encounter with a fellow traveller there. It was kind of embarassing though, because I was failing at eating with chopsticks and he was just sitting right there, watching. Maybe that’s just me though…

Overall: great job, MoschMosch! Thumbs up for you.

  1. For some reason or another, I can’t see all of this blog, it keeps hiding? Are you utilizing java?

    • still, really? has this occurred more than just once?

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