Simple Garlicy Spinach Pesto

This is the perfect recipe for when you feel in the mood for a quick, fresh pasta sauce/dip/spread. Very versatile and easy.
It is basically like pesto, but stripped of a few ingredients for those of us who never quite manage to keep that pantry nice and stocked up. It still tasted awesome though! (Assuming you like spinach and garlic..).

All you need:

– Spinach (2-3 cups)
– Garlic (2-3 bulbs)
– Olive oil

For a more fancy proper vegan pesto, add:

– Basil (1 cup)
– Pine nuts / walnuts (1/2 cup)

Then just blend everything together.
Look at this beautiful green mushyness:

This will go well on pasta, bread, rice, anything really. Have fun with it!

Inspiration for the pesto was found on K ❤ Wellness, get body phat, mindbodygreen and Vegan Visitor. Thanks for that, people.
Enjoy your weekend guys!

  1. Kelley said:

    Looks pretty good. My portions are much larger, but I cook for 6! I am really thinking of adding pistachios next time as I am deathly allergic to pine nuts and walnuts and leaving out the cheese to make a vegan version. I wonder if the kids would notice?

  2. Hmm pistachios in pesto – sounds interesting. I guess it’s worth a try, right? And please share your results 😉

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