Lovely Leftover Recycling: Broccoli-Couscous-Cheezly Bake

This was one of those nights where you know you want something special for dinner – a quick sandwhich one won’t do it – still you’re not quite sure what that special something is.

I had some leftover cooked Israeli Couscous, so I took that out of the fridge first.
While browsing through the fridge, I also found some brokkoli that was close to its end, so I took that out of the fridge as well.

Then, I decided to make (Non-)Cheezy sauce. Rather than used my normal recipe that is linked, I tried it with Veganomicon’s recipe (find it on Fat Secret or here on The Kind Life). The main difference is that they use olive oil instead of vegan butter. It went nice and creamy and thick – and yummy- , even though I didn’t measure out the ingredients properly. To be perfectly honest, though, I prefer my own version 😉

Anyway. Back to dinner.


First, I filled the couscous in a baking pan. Poured some left-over pasta sauce over it. Put the broccoli on top. And more couscous over that.

Next, I cooked up some tomatoes with garlic and olive oil, some salt and pepper. Basil and oregano would probably work well here, too. I teared up some veggie burgers from a bbq last week and arranged them, then poured the tomatoes over it.

Lastly, I poured the cheezy sauce on top.
Then, put it in the oven and baked it for 15min.

It turned out well – I liked the combination of the different textures. However, I wish I’d put in more veggies though, and used more Cheezy sauce. More Cheezy sauce is always good. 🙂

Guten Appetit!

  1. Michael said:

    You forgot the bit where you put the peanut butter in.

    • See, I was gonna make tofu in a peanut butter marinade tonight. Now I’m not so sure anymore :p

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