Review: All natural F’icken Nuggets

I still giggle at F’icken – fake chicken- because that is the German word for ‘fuck’. I’m sorry, I just can’t help being immature sometimes! Either way, this is just a quick note:

These were delicious! The breading was crispy, the “meat” really yummy, they were perfect.
I do have to say I haven’t had chicken nuggets in a long time so I wouldn’t know how they compare, but my omni friends were around and they confirmed that these tasted just like the real thing (if not better).
To quote her: ‘it’s “crazy” these don’t contain any meat!'(omnivore friend).

I am normally not a great fan of frozen products, but I make an exception sometimes. Moments when you don’t have the time to cook properly, don’t have other options, or just really want junk foods can come to everyone. So it’s good to at least know what your (vegan) options are 🙂

  1. Michael said:

    When I was in Germany I asked them what was the word you say when you drink (pröst!) – they told me it was “ficken”. And they wouldn’t leave me alone till I raised my glass and said it with them.

    Germans are crazy.

    • Hehe yes. I approve of your crazy German friends. Tricking foreigners is the best. Although technically I am a “foreigner” most of the year round so I should be careful ^^

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