Chilled Beet Soup with Coconut Milk

Chilled Beet Soup with Coconut Milk

This weekend was another time for a stroll on the Farmer’s Market. I recently remembered drinking some excellent beet juice a while ago, so I thought I should try this again. One of the booths had a few beets there, so I picked up a small basket.

After some considerations, I decided to make raw beet soup.

I started by chopping up some beets.

I chopped them up and blended them nicely. And then I found this…Coconut milk!

I blended in the coconut milk and tasted with a little bit of salt. As you can probably tell from this picture, it is not completely smooth. There are still some small chunks. I didn’t mind it too much – our blender just isn’t great. It would probably be really nice if the texture is smoother, though.

Done! 🙂 I put in a fridge to chill for a while, put you could eat it right away, too.

  1. Michael said:

    I first read this as “chilled beef soup”. Not only disgusting-sounding, but also not vegan.

    Also, what are those cracker things you’ve got with it?

    • eurgh, chilled beef soup! bääh. em, they’re pita chips(crisps!!). Not sure if they have them in the uk. But they’re very yummy : )

  2. This sounds really good! I love raw beets. Did it end up being sort of sweet? I can’t imagine what the flavor is like.

    • Yes, it’s a very unique flavour. I does taste pretty sweet, which is why I added some salt. It taste likes beet and coconut. Haha, not very helpful I guess. But I liked the taste : )

  3. Helen said:

    Oooh, Fran, this looks delicious! I imagine the sweet beet and coconut flavors would go very well together, and the coconut milk makes the who thing a little less violently red than your typical beet soup. Yum!

    • Thanks : ) Haha yes it worked quite well indeed, even though it was a rather spontaneous decision. I like your Dexter-beet-soup – it does look so gory! Haha. I only just found your blog yesterday and subscribed right away, it looks great!

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