Drool… But who should eat it all?!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you: The PPK Pumpkin Pie. The PPKPP, so to speak.

I want to make it now. Same as these incredibly good-looking white choc-chip macadamia cookies, these marvelous pumpkin cupcakes, the chocolate pumpkin loaf and so many others. Vegan Mofo just brought all these amazing baked good recipes to the light, and I’d love to try them all out Speaking of which, I’ve also been eyeing these vegan gingerbread cookies.

Problem: who’s gonna eat all this stuff?

I certainly couldn’t shouldn’t eat that number of muffins, cupcakes and other sugary things every week. I have fed my housemates a lot, but I don’t want to have to force-feed them if it’s too much. I would love to just bake a ton and then donate it to bake sales all the time, but where to find out about bake sales? Food banks are also an option I guess, but I’d feel like I was acting naiive; bringing there fancy pies when maybe they just could have done better with some vegetables and fruit, or even the plain ingredients to bake something themselves.

Strange dilemma, I know. But still: What do you do with excess baked goods? Do you ever bake just for the heck of it, not for actually having the final product?

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Baking some juicy chocolate brownies and them just staring at them for their aesthetic worth is not my favourite thing to do. I love to actually try my creations, and eat yummy things (who doesn’t?). Still, I would love to find a use for them, other just for the joy of baking (and of course showing pictures on this blog).

Please help me out here. There must be someone out there in need of vegan pies.

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