Warning: VeggieSlices contain dairy!

Hey guys, this is just a quick info post.

If you’re like me and thought all alternative cheese products – especially those found in the shelf between the tofu and the soy sausages – are vegan: you were wrong.

I went to Metro last night and quickly wanted to pick up some of their fake cheese VeggieSlices,
when the label ‘lactose-free’ made me stop short. I checked the ingredients list, and yes: these contain “Milk protein”. I guess this product caters primarily to the lactose-intolerant folks among us. Still a good thing they offer it, but at the same time I would appreciate some vegan choices of course. The moral of the story is to, as always, read your labels carefully!

PS: Upon some further research I found out that Galaxy does have vegan options available, they are just not offered at the local supermarket.

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