Review: Thai Express, Montreal

Dearest Readers,

I am back in my home base from a wonderful trip to Montreal and NYC!
While I was exploring these two amazing cities, I made sure to take lots of notes and pictures of all the vegan eats I had there. So prepare yourselves for a stream of restaurant and product reviews within the next few days. Good think I have these to write. Since it is finals week, I will live on a solid diet of bagels, peanut butter and hummus so writing about that wouldn’t be too thrilling. Anyway, enjoy!

On the way to NYC, we had a 3hour stop in Montreal. Since it was dinner time and we had a long journey ahead of us, we decided to find our way to a nice meal. We walked up Saint-Denis and quickly found a place that looked like it’d be a good fit: Thai Express.

Thai Express

They have a good variation of different Thai foods – soups, wraps, Pad thai and different rice dishes. I appreciated that they clearly displayed the ingredients on all of the signs. While they had many vegetarian dishes (anything could be ordered with a choice of chicken, prawns or tofu), almost every dish contained egg. So I picked the Rice Stir-Fry.

The dish is plain rice with stir-fried vegetables on top. Not too exciting in itself, but the great thing is they have a choice of 7 different ‘flavours’. The name ‘flavour’ is a bit misleading – I chose ‘cashew’ since I thought that would just mean they sprinkle some cashews on top. Which they did, but even better: with the flavour, you also choose the sauce and specific vegetables that go into your meal. So before choosing a flavour, ask specifically or check the menu to see what your ‘flavour’ entails!

Stir-Fry with Tofu and Cashews

This was very yummy and fillings. The portions are quite large, and for $8 this was truly a good pick. The cashews were a nice extra and the vegetables were crunchy and yummy.
I would definitely recommend this place for a quick meal!

This is a chain with many locations across Canada(and I believe even Europe), the Canadian website is here:

Now back to studying for finals. Have a wonderful day!

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