Aux Vivres, Montreal

Before I went to Montreal, I made a little list of vegan restaurants I should visit. The veganmontreal website was particularly helpful. On my list were:

.. and I made it to two of them. Not too bad, eh? (I’m so Canadian.)

My goal was to visit this one on the first day. It is located on 4631 Saint-Laurent. After walking around on Saint-Laurent for a little bit and finally realising I was only in the 1500s area, I gave up on it and went to Panther Verte instead (review to follow!).

Then, the next day, I was wandering around the Plateau and found myself back on Saint-Laurent again, only much further north. As I was walking down the street, I look over and – bam! – Aux vivres is right across from me. Unfortunately, I just had a big brunch so I wasn’t really hungry. But I figured that, well, a little something always fits in. Plus I really wanted to see this place!

Aux Vivres is a 100% vegan restaurant that uses a lot of organic and local, seasonal produce. They have all kinds of different entrees, salads, desserts and a juice and express bar.

I went inside, to the quick express counter, and got a Ginger Molasses cookie. It was a good cookie – perfect texture, a bit chewy, nice taste. Nothing too exceptional, except for the fact that it tasted just like its non-vegan equivalent.

There was a bit of a mix-up with my order. I went to the counter to get my cookie, then found a table to sit down since I assumed that the place used a café-like style. Apparently, however, it is more like a proper restaurant. You are assumed to come in, get seated, then place your order and get your cookies brought to you. Oops! So the waiters weren’t too impressed with me. They did, however, stay friendly and smily, so I appreciated that.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the quality of the other items available. I can tell you, though, that what I saw on other people’s plates looked delicious! It wasn’t exactly cheap, but not too pricey either. Either way, this is a fully vegan restaurant (!!!) so they have my respect nonetheless.

Lastly, look at these cakes… These are all vegan, too. And probably wonderful!

Until next time,

Au revoir!

PS: I forgot to mention this, but I might not be obvious: this is Montreal. So, yes, the waiters will approach you in French. They will most likely speak English, too though. Don’t worry! Unless, of course, you want to be adventurous like me and make the poor people understand your horrible attempts at speaking French. (“Ce ..cookie…ça, s’il vous plait?”). Unless your actually French and speak this wonderful language. In that case, enjoy!


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