Sticky Cinnamon Buns

After I had the most delicious sticky cinnamon buns in Washington DC for Brunch on New Year’s day, the idea of making my own was stuck with me. Fortunately, I soon found a vegan recipe on the Side of Sneakers blog. They looked delicious and the recipe sounded easy enough.

I used raisins instead of chocolate chips, but kept the other ingredients the same. (If you avoid honey, you could probably replace it with Agave or maple syrup).

Definitely try making these, they are easy (alot of the baking time is actually just letting the dough sit – I rested it overnight). They turned wonderfully and filled the house with cinnamon smell. Gone within 2 hours.. (the perks of having 7 house mates), but highly recommended.

After rising overnight, just before going in the oven!

The finished product!

  1. Michael said:

    It never occurred to me that vegans don’t eat honey! But I guess it’s an animal product like anything else. Do you eat it?

    P.S. omnomnom

    • to be honest, I haven’t informed myself about the issue enough to make a reasonable decision so I’m just kind of deciding on a situational base… 🙂 I did use honey for these though (was recently given some as a gift by couch surfers!)
      And yes, very omnomnom indeed.

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