Saving the best for Last: Panthere Verte, Montreal (Part I)

I can hardly believe what happened here. In an attempt to get the reviews of good, but not overwhelming places out of the way first – to save the best for last – I ended up finally completely neglecting my review of my favourite place: The Green Panther. It is a 100% vegan restaurant.
From their website:

The Green Panther is a fresh, dynamic project whose main goal is to develop
a more sustainable way of living in today’s urban reality by supporting and creating local alternatives, through the use of organic produce (local when available), recycled materials and by raising awareness.

Sounds like good hippie food, eh?

I managed to visit both of their locations, in spite of only being in Montreal for 2 days. That I call some vegan-food-finding talent. Still, I have absolutely no regrets. On both visits I was not disappointed …

To make things easier, I will report about the first location on 2153 Mackay St in Montreal downtown today, and will follow on with pictures and reports on their other location at 66, St-Viateur Street West next time.

OK I know I know – less talk, more foodz!!1!


Tempehtation Pita, $6.99

Choc Chip Cookie for good measure

It may not look like much, but the combination of the soft pita, yummy dressing (Hummus & lemon I think?) and the crispy tempeh was divine. The cookie was also delicious…
Overall – the food was so good, I had to go back the next day (review to follow).

Have a good Tuesday, guys!

  1. void said:

    Da war ich gestern zum Mittagessen ^_^ da ich ebenfalls Tempeh liebe und du auch so begeistert davon warst habe ich ebenfalls zum Tempehtation gegriffen – guuuuuute Wahl!
    Ich habe sogar meine Mitreisende (typisch schwäbisch “was der Bauer nicht kennt frisst er nicht”, insgesamt ziemlich pingelig und nicht so sehr offen^^) dazu motiviert, die ersten Falafel ihres Lebens zu probieren und sie fand es nicht mal schlecht 😀

    • fps said:

      o.o ich beneide dich ziemlich, montreal ist so ne tolle stadt *seufz .. schön, dass s dir auch geschmeckt hat! “nicht mal schlecht” ist für diese himmlische falafel fast ne beleidigung, aber wenns aus dem schwäb. omnimund kommt, sollte man das wohl als kompliment auffassen 🙂 viel spaß noch und berichte bitte weiterhin über montreal!

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