Chocolate Cherry Loaf by PPK

Yet another wonderful recipe from the PostPunkKitchen blog. I present to you, the

Cherry Chocolate-Chunk Mini Loaves

Except, instead of making 8 mini loaves, I made one big loaf.
It tasted very yummy, but the texture is a bit off. I think I didn’t leave it in the oven for long enough, so it’s more a brownie-like consistency – which is fine. Makes no difference to me, really.

  1. Oh my gosh! You made these already? They look so yummy. I saw this on Isa’s blog and pinned it right away.

    • Yeah they looked so good, I couldn’t help it 😀 the loaf was very yummy but like I said… I shoulda left it in longer (the texture was strange). still, the taste was delicious!

  2. Michael said:

    My god that looks amazing.

    • thank you! though you should look at the link and see what they’re -supposed- to look like 😉

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