It’s Bar Time! (And Exam Panic)

Hey guys!

You read right – it’s bar time. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of ‘let’s grab a coat and find the next pub/bar’ time. It’s not the let’s chill, talk about love and vegan pizzas, the comfortably sipping a beer after a long day of work kind of bar time (sigh).

It’s, instead, – not as alcoholic but nearly as fun – energy bar time!

look at these babies

Clif bars, Luna bars, Lara bars, Honey bars .. they’re all out there. Many of them are vegan, and while still often containing high doses of sugar, their natural ingredients still make for a relatively good snack.

So, how did I get to this point where I’m blogging ’bout energy bars?

Well, I had to admit it, but this time of year we’re coming close to exam time. That means long study sessions and little time for cooking, especially trying out those elaborate recipes that are worth sharing for you guys (like the Vegan French Onion soup!). Instead, I will at least share (sharing is caring!) and review the copious amounts of energy and chocolate bars I devour on a daily basis.

Why the sudden fancy for energy bars? – you may ask. Well, truth is, we’ve only recently discovered our love, and now it’s hard to go back. A new sweet little grocery opened right on campus and they have an excellent selection of the afore-mentioned bars. They are handy, readily available, not-too-expensive (2$ max), relatively healthy, give a good energy boost and are just yummy. What can beat that? 😉

I will start this little series with the first one of my 2 victims tonight, the:

LUNA: Smores Flavour Bar

Marshmallow nuggets swirled with graham crackers, topped with dark chocolate.
This is what LUNA has to say about this bar:

How can something so good for us be so delicious? It’s simple. Start with the best ingredients possible (nothing artificial, 70% organic) and nutrition that matters most to women. Mix with flavors that make mouths water and the rest is sweet (and healthy!) history.
High in calcium and folic acid
Rich in antioxidants A, C, E
9g protein, 3g fiber

Luna is a brand under Clif bars, which I really like. Their products are (partially) organic, vegan most of the time, with clean ingredients and creative flavours.
I also really like this tool on their website that let’s you see exactly which ingredients and allergens are in which of their products. It’s always pleases me to see companies be aware of and catering to people with food allergies and dietary preferences.

Now, let’s get talking ’bout that bar.

Taste: Very yummy, good chocolate base. I could not really taste the smores though. Tasted more like coconut to me.
Price: $1.69. Tolerable.
Plus: 9g of protein and 3g of fiber are excellent stats.
Minus: Luna bar – “the whole nutrition bar for women”. Seriously?! Not sure what it is specifically about this bar that makes it more appropriate for women (estrogen additives? happy mood drugs? chocolate base for pms victims?).That labeling really put me off.
Would I buy it again? Yeah, probably. Although now I’m tempted to try the other flavours first!

Right, that’s it for tonight. Back to the books – au revoir mes chéries.

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