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Last weekend, we went skiing. After a long morning of racing down the slopes, we all met up again on the hut for lunch. We were in a hut, and all my friends ordered French Onion Soup, while I was chewing on the Tofu-Baba Ganoush sandwich I sneaked in(true story). This is one of these situations where you wish restaurants would even try to be accommodating.
Now, to be honest I can’t even remember ever trying French onion soup – but it did sure look delicious.

Back at home, a few days later, I am on a mission to once again convince the world that vegan food can be just as delicious as the ‘original’. And trust me: mission accomplished.

I used this basic recipe from the Olives for Dinner blog, but modified it a little bit due to some missing ingredients:

3 large Vidalia onions
5 TB Earth Balance 2 TB E.B., 2 TB Veg Oil, salt
1 TB flour Forgot to put it in
1/2 cup sherry 1/2 cup white wine
4 cups homemade vegetable stock Some non-measured more cups of wine
1 Not-Beef bouillon cube Salt, more salt, chicken seasoning, Chili powder
5 springs of fresh thyme, tied with baker’s twine
2 bay leaves (YES!! – Managed to follow the instructions correctly!)
sliced baguette pieces,
Daiya shreds, mozzarella-style

So I am not saying my version is better on any means, just saying: if you need to improvise, do so. It will most likely still turn out delicious.

For detailed cooking instructions, please check the original recipe.

After simmering for a whole 2 hours

The stuff that dreams are made up of

This was also my first time buying Daiya cheese. I’ve heard many good things about it, so my expectations were high – and I was not disappointed. I will do a more thorough review later!
(Hint: look at the above picture to get the o-tone of my review..)

And oh man, did I love this soup. I may have gone a bit overboard with the wine, but most of the alcohol cooks off anyway (right?). So yeah.. try this and you will not regret it! I also loved having the left overs and haved enjoyed onion soup for breakfast, lunch dinner the past few days. (just kidding, the night I made it we ate so much of it there was barely any left …). But if you have more self control, I am sure this soup would make lovely leftovers!

Cheese is what I thought I’d miss most this lent. I don’t drink much milk, and I hardly ever buy any eggs, but I do like cheese. So I started looking around for alternatives straight away…

I did some research, and it turns out that vegan cheese is available in all kinds of colours and textures and even quite cheap – but quite a few people claimed the taste was rather unpleasant and simply ‘not the same’.
Then, however, I found out about nutritional yeast “cheese”. I read about it in all kinds of other blogs like here, here and here and they all reported tastiness, easy preparation and yummy cheesy texture and feel. I also like the idea of producing the stuff myself.
So, once again, went to Health Foods on Market Street and luckily found this:

The vegan margarine, on the left side, is also a valuable ingredient. I found it in Tesco after scanning all the other one’s ingedrient lists: Who knew even plant-based margarine had buttermilk or milk proteins in it? :S

So you will need:

– 2 tbs Vegan margarine
– 3 tbs Flour
– 50 ml Water
– 1 ts Mustard
– 1 ts Salt
– 4 tbs Nutritional yeast flakes
– 100 ml Water

Mix all the stuff together in a pan in the given order after melting margarine first.
Bring it to a quick boil and then you’re done.
Then, it will have the texture of a very thick cheese sauce, so you can do whatever you like with it. I chose to pour it over my potatoes and bake it in the oven for about 5 min.

Aaaand this is the end product:

Very happy with it. Incredibly tasty, the texture is very similar to that of cheese. As you can see in the picture, it melts nicely and even has a little brown crust on it. Yum.