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Yet another wonderful recipe from the PostPunkKitchen blog. I present to you, the

Cherry Chocolate-Chunk Mini Loaves

Except, instead of making 8 mini loaves, I made one big loaf.
It tasted very yummy, but the texture is a bit off. I think I didn’t leave it in the oven for long enough, so it’s more a brownie-like consistency – which is fine. Makes no difference to me, really.

Okay, yes, the National Peanut Butter Day was yesterday. And okay, if you’re gonna be so picky about this: it’s the national American peanut butter day, not the Canadian one (wonder if Canada even has one?)
Nevertheless, this is an opportunity not to be passed to re-cap my favourite peanut butter “recipes” for you!

Homemade Vegan Reese’s cups

Sm’love Pie

PB-Coconut-Chia Balls

PB, I love you. I can’t believe I had neglected you for 20 years of my life, but now we have all the time in the world to catch up. Thank goodness.

Just to let you know, I am writing this post while still on a chocolate pudding pie – high. So please forgive for any indecencies. Blame the pie.

So anyway, it is my dear house mate Mieke’s birthday today and of course, this wonderful occasion calls for pie! After some consideration of my options and recent pie inspirations, I decided to try the simple, but delicious looking Old fashioned Chocolate Pudding Pie (click the link for the recipe!) from The PPK. After all, you can never really go wrong with Isa Chandra’s wonderful concoctions!

So I made it. And we ate it. All within less than 3 hours.




To make up for the horrible pictures (by the time I remembered to takes some, all but the last piece was gone. I guess we can call that a success though :)), here is a much prettier one from the original recipe:

The PPK – Old fashioned Chocolate Pudding Pie

This is what it’s meant to look like. Haha. I am fairly sure I should have stuck to the 3 hours chilling time that Isa suggested. However, if you make a pie at 10:30pm and happen to celebrate a birthday at 0am, this is what the result will look like. Oh well, who cares about the looks if it tastes good?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yes, these are home-made. Yes, they are vegan. And OH YES they are delicious..

You probably all know these goodies non-vegan chocolate items:

Salty peanut butter, delicious sweet dark chocolate, crunchiness.. so simple, yet so good.
These have been my guilty pleasure for as long as I can think of. When I still went to school and these were unheard of in Europe, I used to get my Texan friends to bring some up after their holidays. Later in university, I would do the same with my new friends from the states. Eventually, you would get them in some specialty shops, but for an insane price. Still, I kept looking forward to having these sent over for me.

Now I live in Canada. This stuff is everywhere: they have Reese’s cups, chocolate bars, cookies and even cereal. They have them at every super market, kiosk and in the vending machines. For all this availability, they have kind of lost their appeal to me. Not even speaking of the calories, the high sugar content, and most importantly, the fact they are not vegan.

So I decided making my own. Not too hard, eh? After all, they are just chocolate and peanut butter.
Here we go…

Ingredients (for 4 medium sized cups):

  • 1 bar dark vegan chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter

Doesn’t get any easier than that, huh?

So what you do..

  1. Break the chocolate into parts, melt it. (I shuffed in the microwave for a minute, but you can be fancy and heat it on the stove top just as easily.) Be careful not to burn the chocolate though.
  2. Pour the hot chocolate into 4 paper muffin forms, make sure the bottom is completely filled evenly.
  3. Let it sit for a bit to cool. (Sit it in the fridge if you’re as impatient as me)
  4. Spoon peanut butter on. Make sure to leave a bit of space around the sides for more chocolate. Again, spread it evenly.
  5. Put in the fridge again.
  6. Heat chocolate up again; pour over the cups evenly.
  7. Cool for an hour or so in the fridge.
  8. Enjoy!

Nakey cups

The finished product! (Yeh not the best picture, I know, but…)

Nom nom nom.. See that peanut butter dripping down?

You should share these with your loved ones. They will love you for ever if you do.

I might try and twist the peanut butter/chocolate ratio a bit next me – I like that Reese’s cups only have a thin of layer of chocolate on top – these were a bit too chocolate-y for me. Also, I might try and either substitute dark chocolate with vegan milk chocolate, or stir in more sugar.. they were much less sweet than how I remember the Reese’s ones.

Apart from that, they’re pretty damn close to the real thing. These are definitely omni-approved…

What used to be your favourite non-vegan candy, and have you tried veganizing it?