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Dearest Readers,

I am back in my home base from a wonderful trip to Montreal and NYC!
While I was exploring these two amazing cities, I made sure to take lots of notes and pictures of all the vegan eats I had there. So prepare yourselves for a stream of restaurant and product reviews within the next few days. Good think I have these to write. Since it is finals week, I will live on a solid diet of bagels, peanut butter and hummus so writing about that wouldn’t be too thrilling. Anyway, enjoy!

On the way to NYC, we had a 3hour stop in Montreal. Since it was dinner time and we had a long journey ahead of us, we decided to find our way to a nice meal. We walked up Saint-Denis and quickly found a place that looked like it’d be a good fit: Thai Express.

Thai Express

They have a good variation of different Thai foods – soups, wraps, Pad thai and different rice dishes. I appreciated that they clearly displayed the ingredients on all of the signs. While they had many vegetarian dishes (anything could be ordered with a choice of chicken, prawns or tofu), almost every dish contained egg. So I picked the Rice Stir-Fry.

The dish is plain rice with stir-fried vegetables on top. Not too exciting in itself, but the great thing is they have a choice of 7 different ‘flavours’. The name ‘flavour’ is a bit misleading – I chose ‘cashew’ since I thought that would just mean they sprinkle some cashews on top. Which they did, but even better: with the flavour, you also choose the sauce and specific vegetables that go into your meal. So before choosing a flavour, ask specifically or check the menu to see what your ‘flavour’ entails!

Stir-Fry with Tofu and Cashews

This was very yummy and fillings. The portions are quite large, and for $8 this was truly a good pick. The cashews were a nice extra and the vegetables were crunchy and yummy.
I would definitely recommend this place for a quick meal!

This is a chain with many locations across Canada(and I believe even Europe), the Canadian website is here:

Now back to studying for finals. Have a wonderful day!

I still giggle at F’icken – fake chicken- because that is the German word for ‘fuck’. I’m sorry, I just can’t help being immature sometimes! Either way, this is just a quick note:

These were delicious! The breading was crispy, the “meat” really yummy, they were perfect.
I do have to say I haven’t had chicken nuggets in a long time so I wouldn’t know how they compare, but my omni friends were around and they confirmed that these tasted just like the real thing (if not better).
To quote her: ‘it’s “crazy” these don’t contain any meat!'(omnivore friend).

I am normally not a great fan of frozen products, but I make an exception sometimes. Moments when you don’t have the time to cook properly, don’t have other options, or just really want junk foods can come to everyone. So it’s good to at least know what your (vegan) options are 🙂