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The day that I came to Montreal was the same day the old bus terminal was shut down. Strange, eh? Everything was deserted, the snack shops empty and the lockers ripped out of the wall.
The next evening, I came back to find my way to the new one. The new building is just across from the old building, and you can still go there from the same Metro stop (then walk through a long hallway).

Why am I telling you all this? Yes, there is a vegan-food connection here.
I had another hour to spare until the departure of my bus, so I went to check out the food and gift shop. Since I hadn’t had dinner yet, I walked straight to the packed food section.

And look what my tired eyes saw:
9 different vegetarian sandwiches and wraps. 3 of them vegan. I almost felt bad for the meat-eaters(not too much though), because there was literally no meat options. It was so strange.
So if you’re stuck in Montreal Bus Terminal, don’t worry and make your way over to the food store!

Smoked Tofu, Grilled Veggie, Falafel, and other sandwhiches

One problem I have found is that it seems hard to find somewhere in town to buy quick, ready-made lunch in town. None of Tesco’s lunch deals are vegan – the few vegetarian sandwiches and pies all contain either egg, cheese or mayonnaise.

In an attempt to still get lunch which does not consist of a plain piece of fruit or bread, I went into the WholeFood store and bought this:

“Pie with fresh marinated vegetables in a jerky style sauce”
That sounds great – really does not live up to the expectations though. I guess heating it up would have helped, but due to the lack of a microwave it was just not.. so great. The picture pretty much sums it up:

Eurgh. I guess for now bringing home-made lunches or going back home for lunch is the easiest alternative. There are some clever websites like VeganLunchBox that should give some hints.