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Today, I went to Tim Horton’s for the first time in a couple of weeks. I was stuck at a bus station, and so decided to wait inside and get a hot coffee. (For you Non-Canadians out there: Tim Horton’s is a large coffee chain in Canada. It’s literally everywhere.)

The order went something like this:

Coffee Girl: Hi! What can I get you?
Me: Hi. A medium coffee with soy milk, please!
Coffee Girl: Oh. We don’t actually carry soy milk here. (said with embarrassed, apologetic voice)
Me: Say whuuuut?!

No soy milk in Tim Horton’s?

This is Canada’s largest fast food chain, and they don’t carry soy milk? I have been known to mention the availability of soy milk as one of the factors why living in North America can be preferable to living in Europe, so this completely took me out of nowhere.

So when I got back home, I did some research. Had noone else noticed this before?

There was some information. A facebook group, urging people to request soy milk there, and 2 petitions on, to be found here and here.
The latter was started back in 2005. That’s 6 years ago.

Clearly, Tim’s needs to get behind the competition here. “Tim Hortons’ competitions such as Starbucks, Second Cup, and Timothy’s all carry soy milk”.

Also, I feel fidgety and shaky now because I had to drink my coffee black.
Not impressed, Tim’s – not impressed.

Edit: Contact them and let them know how you feel here:

Today is easily the most unproductive day ever. Lots of thoughts flowing around in my mind. This might be caused by the fact that I’ve been knee deep stuck in work for the last few days, but I will try to sort them out anyway. Here we go..

Our house is going veggie!

Today, my neighbour E. announced he is going vegetarian. He announced it with a sort of proud voice, and it was good to see him explain why. This makes me so optimistic. I saw it coming, in a way, since E. has many veg*n (yes – cool, regular expression kind of saying vegans and vegetarians in one) friends that he hangs out with a lot of the time. I was very happy to see it.

Veganomicon update

I am dying to try out new things from the Veganomicon. Tomorrow I shall go on a massive food shop, and got some plans for a couple of meals that people will be coming over for next week. I am excited! Pictures will be posted of course.

Approaches to Soy

I was never a great fan of milk, and was always the one to watch in awe as my flatmates went through copious amounts in few days. Therefore, I acknowledged the existence of soy milk, but never depended on it or even considered buying some. A couple of days ago, when I was making the Cauliflower potpie , I had to buy some for the sauce and was very impressed with the taste when trying a little bit after. Yes, it is weird and different – but since I am not a great fan of the taste of milk, I am certainly not complaining. It also happens to be a great source of Calcium so I guess that can’t harm…

A couple of days later, I also happen to find soy in my department’s fridge! I was majorly impressed. My era of drinking black tea is therefore finally over, instead comes one in which I shall try to explore the wonders of soy milk.

Vegan Cartoons

Definitely reminds me of quotations I posted in Day 18 post… : “Terrorist” and “unamerican”? Yup, these┬ádefinitely come into place here.

by T Peyser

And this one found on Mark Stiver’s Homepage is also definitely true.

Vegan Diet











Very true. It is so, so easy to be vegetarian and unhealthy, and almost as much with veganism. Not that I generally disagree with a heavy coffee-based diet, but personally saw the change in diet as a chance to also eat more healthily in general. Sometimes they say that green stuff is good for you after all..