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So, today was the day I decided to start trying new recipes, which I had aimed to be a positive side-effect of the experience. The first one I wanted to try was a really simple recipe for Vegan spring rolls I foundĀ at PepperAnn’s Blog .
For the non-German speakers amongst you, I shall re-post the recipe here:

You Need:
– Rice paper / pancakes
– Random vegetables
– Oil
– Some spices or soy sauce
– Bowl of Warm water

You can find the rice pancakes in Health Foods on Market Street for only 1.79. (picture taken from GoodnessDirect

– Cut up the vegetables into small cubes, put them into a nice big bowl. Throw in some spices in (I used Tesco’s ‘Chinese 5 Spices’ mix) and a bit of soy sauce.
– Heat up about 0.5cm of oil in your pan.
– Start soaking two rice pancakes in the bowl of warm water for a minute or so.
– Take the first one out and spoon about 2 TS of your vegetable mix on it. Fold the rice pancake carefully leaving one corner open, then take the second pan cake out of the bowl and fold it around that corner.
– Put the rolls in the pan.
– Cook until they’re nice and crispy, for around 3-5 min.

– BE CAREFUL with the hot oil! If you have a deep-fryer, use that – but frying them in the pan should work perfectly as well.
– You will have to actually use two layers of pancakes for each roll. I did attempt to save some by using one layer, but all that happen is that the rolls fall apart and it’s a big mess. So, unless you make your rolls really small so you have several layers of the one pan cake around it, just use two.
– Make sure not to put the roles too close to each other in the pan, they will stick! Also try to use a plastic cooking utensil and store them on a ceramic plate – the rice pancakes will stick to anything wooden like there’s no tomorrow.

The camera unfortunately died in the process of making the spring rolls. Since they were so yummy, though, I shall make them again soon and then post some pictures.

On a slightly unrelated note, this is the perfect spring-roll-cooking soundtrack: Blue Foundation

Guten Appetit! Enjoy!