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Where do you get your protein from?

The eternal question. Sigh.
Truth is, most people actually consume more protein than they need to – We really don’t need much of it. The amounts needed for a healthy nutrition can easily be found in a balanced diet without paying too much attention to proteins.The RDA states that we need 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram body weight.
These are good sources of protein: tofu, veggie burgers, soy, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts and seeds, brown rice and whole grains.

What’s in a vegan fridge?

The typical list, of course, is anything that doesn’t contain animal products. I would give an account of what’s in my fridge at the moment, but unfortunately that’s a rather sad outlook. So instead I’ll say what it’ll contain after my food shop tonight:

    Fresh stuff:
    – Fruit. Apples, Bananas, Pears,…
    – Vegetables. Peppers, Lettuce, Courgette, Potatoes, …
    – Soy / almond / other vegan milk.
    – Bread
    – Vegan margarine
    – Hummus
    – Tofu
    – Mustard

    Shelf stuff:
    – Beans and peas: Kidney beans, pinto beans, chick peas, …
    – Pasta and rice, couscous, polenta, Quinoa
    – Flour, sugar, baking soda, etc.
    – Nutritional yeast
    – Herbs

Basic things really. To be honest, I am probably not the best person to ask on what makes a complete kitchen, I tend to just quickly run to the shops if I figure I need anything. So this is just to give you a basic idea.

Why is drinking milk bad?

  • Cows don’t just ‘give’ milk. They have to be pregnant to produce it. The newly-borns are then quickly separated from their mother, causing distress and pain to both, and then fed on unnatural diet and most often quickly slaughtered.
  • Dairy cows are slaughtered when around 4 or 5 years, only a franction of their natural life span.
  • Often abused, get fed hormones and antibiotics and their utters are infected from the high pressure.
  • It seems unnatural that humans are the only species to drink milk even as adults, and – even more controversially – drink the milk of a different species.

Check out this for more information: IVU info.

Why is eating eggs bad?
Again, I am just going to give a short bullet points of why vegans think eating eggs is inappropriate.

  • Male chicks get gassed or crushed on their first day of life, because they can’t lay eggs.
  • Chickens are breed to lay an unnatural number of eggs – up to 300 a year – when 30 would be normal. This means a very high pressure on their bodies.
  • Chickens are killed once they lay less eggs, which is long before their natural end of life time.
  • The conditions they live in are often not appropriate, giving rise to diseases and infections.

Check the link above as well.

Won’t you be weak, pale, cold, unhealthy permanently?

I would love to be one of these people who claim that the vegan lent made me feel as healthy as never before, but that would be pretty hypocritical since most people around me know I’ve been fighting a nasty cold the last couple of days. So, no, eating vegan is not a guarantee for eternal all-around health. But I can say, if you stick to dietary guidelines as explained above, you should have very healthy diet, free of animal fats and full of fresh fruits and veggies.

How do you live without chocolate, cake and muffins ?

I couldn’t. Truth is: You don’t have to! Just last night, I had a gorgeous hot chocolate actually, without cheating veganism. It is simple: Just use soy milk, add some cocoa powder and brown sugar, possibly some cinnamon powder and some vanilla extract. Yum! Apart from that, there are plenty of vegan recipes for desserts, sweets, baked goods out there in the internet and in various vegan cookbook.

But you use – product X – that’s made of – animal product Y -, therefore it’s impossible to avoid animal products anyway. What’s the point?

This is my answer (Click to see bigger):

Most of you have probably seen this graphic here that’s been floating around the internet for a while. Pretty disturbing, yes, and not nice. But necessary.
The way I see it is that the main goal is to inflict a shift in our diets and lifestyles. It’s about reducing the harm done to animals and our environment, and it’s ok if that means that a complete ‘vegan’ lifestyle is impossible, that’s fine with me. Any effort helps.

These are questions I have been asked by friends and family during the past couple of weeks, or that I was asking myself at first. Please feel free to post any more in the comments!