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I completed the Golden vegan pledge from TheVeganSociety. a couple of days ago. This is the certificate they sent me:

Yay! I found the link within the first days of being vegan, so I thought I might as well participate. They sent quite a useful package of information at the beginning of the challenge, including recipes. However, what really got me hooked was that they promise to put you in touch with a vegan ‘mentor’ that you can email throughout the 30 days, ask questions about nutrition, social problems, anything really. Unfortunately the mentor I was assigned to never replied to my email(s). I guess maybe she’d given them an old email address or something (or she just didn’t like me 😦

That was a bit of a letdown, and I’d pretty much completely forgotten I entered this until I got the email. I’d like to think that this was just an unlucky exception, and that other people were able to benefit from it. I really like the idea of a personal mentor to answer questions, yet haven’t really missed one either since I found plenty of others to help.

They also promised to sent me another book of ‘vegan stories’. I definitely approve of people sending me free books!
Here is the link: Vegan Pledge

Lastly I figured out today that I have been messing up the days. Yes, I was indeed wondering why I am on Day 37 already when Easter is not for another week, but I guess I just assumed that the 40 days of lent is just a rough estimate. But no. Apparently, one doesn’t count the Sundays. So technically I’m only on Day 32 of lent, but since I stayed vegan on the Sundays, I will just ignore this fact and pretend lent has 47 days. 46? Numbers are confusing…