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It’s finals week. It’s finals week, and I feel, look and eat like the most cliche stressed student you could find. That means that my food during finals – I’m not proud of it – consists of 90% peanut butter, 10% cereal and 40% bagels.
Bad Russian joke.

Luckily, I have my dear coop where I get my lunches from! This seriously made my day, and makes sure I don’t go insane from lack of greens and veggies. I feel so much better now!

Grain Salad, Veggie Burger, Sauteed Mushrooms, Garlic Hummus, Jalapeno Hummus, Sweet Potato Chips, Tomatoe Salad

Hummus Place is a chain in NYC. Of course the name appealed to me right away. We walked past a couple of different locations when exploring the city. Then one night, I found myself in a pizza place with 0 vegan options (other than the house salad – without the cheese, the ham, the dressing: you guys know the deal). I did remember, though, walking past a Hummus Place on the way there. So I just stepped in, got this salad to go and was quickly reunited with my friends in the pizza place, only with a delicious quinoa salad as my prey.

Tabule Quinoa $7.25
(Quinoa, tomatoes, parsley & mint)

This was hands down the single best quinoa salads I’ve ever had. The tub came with two little dressing containers, both of which I emptied over the salad. One of them you can see in the corner in the picture. The flavours – minty, a bit sour, with lots of parsley – were divine. Everyone else tried and loved it as well.

This was such a nice suprise. I was especially happy with this since I didn’t even look through the rest of the
Menu, I just saw the word ‘quinoa’ and pointed towards that one. Although I guess, how could you possibly go wrong in a diner called ‘Hummus Place’?

My only criticism : for 8 bucks (tax included), and this being sold as the -large- one, I thought the portion could have been a little bit bigger.

This is the website. If you’re in NYC and you’re looking for a quick, good vegan meal, you should stop here.