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Today really hasn’t been the most succesful vegan day. In fact, I have failed my veganism on several occasions.

Failure #1: Firstly, I realized that during all this time I’ve been attempting to go vegan, I was happily walking around in my leather boots. Sigh. I love my leather boots, but shouldn’t I make this sacrifice as well? Clearly, to call oneself a vegan – even just for this limited period of time – one shouldn’t be wearing leather. Luckily, the weather is clearing up and becoming warmer, so it should be easy to get some new spring shoes anyway.

Failure #2: I have had bad headaches the last couple of days since I haven’t slept so much and had loads of work to do. So against the headaches, I have been taking an Ibuprofen occasionally. Well, guess what I realized today as I was mindlessly ‘popping the pill’? Yes. Exactly. Not only are they of course tested on animals, they also contain some animal sideproducts.
Edit: Nevermind. Only the gelatine-covered ones contain, obviously, gelatine. So I’m good at least for this one.. (apart from the animal testing).

Failure #3: One of my last guilty pleasures, since I had to give up vending machine chocolate, were potato crisps that I had, after checking a couple of packets, found to be vegan. So, I went my way to a vending machine to get some crisps to cheer me up. Halfway through the pack I look at the ingredients list, just out of routine. And what do I see? Contains: Milk Lactose. Great. Just great. End up chucking the other half of the pack. Meh.

Lastly, I’ll be flying home in a few hours. I used to love to stuff myself with expensive airport fast food to help the frustration I usually get at all the people, all the waiting around, just traveling in general. Now instead, since I didn’t bother packing food, I’ll probably be munching on a salad. Sigh.