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I have been craving this ever since I made it couple of days ago. It was that good.
I felt like I had a bit of a cold coming up, so I wanted soup. Hearty, warming noodle soup…
This recipe is a mixture of a classic Miso soup, Veganomicon’s Shiitake Udon and some reminiscence of childhood’s chicken noodle soup.

It is relatively quickly to make – for soup anyway – and the result is delicious.

You need (4 portions, or 3 big ones):

  • Rice noodles (Get them from the asian grocery, I paid only $1,20 for mine!)
  • Miso paste (I used white)
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Edamame beans
  • 1/2 onion
  • Some spring onion
  • 1l water or vegetable broth
  • Some oil of your choice

This is how we do it:

First, soak the rice noodles in cold water for about an hour, or according to package. Use this time to take a power nap, prepare the veggies, or make Vegan Reese’s peanut butter cups (like I did).

Slice mushrooms and onions.
Heat up the oil in a large pot. Throw in the washed, sliced mushrooms and onion. Sauté them until soft.
Cook the rice noodles for 10-12min.
Use this time to peel your edamame. This is tedious work, but so worth it.

Stir 2 big tablespoons of miso soup together with some hot water in a cup.

Mix the miso liquid with the water or broth. (I just used water, but if you are fancy and make your own vegetable stock, use that.)

Throw in the mushrooms, onion and edamame and noodles in a pot. Heat everything up.

Lastly, sprinkle some spring onion over it.
Dig in!

I had a bowl right away and went back for seconds. I also animated all my house mates to have some – they loved it. In the morning, I had the very last little bit for breakfast. Ooops 😀

The best is: this recipe is vegan, gluten-free, cheap and yum.

Which is your favourite soup in the colder days?

Today I had a wonderful encounter. I was strolling around the Farmer’s Market and saw a small booth with the sign: “Organic, vegan, gf cakes”. Easy choice much?! Of course I walked over and admired the awesome goodies. I enquired which ones were vegan, and that included all of the delicious-looking cupcakes and muffins – only one of the bread sorts wasn’t.

Unfortunately, Nessie wouldn’t let me take a picture of her booth but here is one I found online in an article by the EMC Kingston:

Nessie's cakes

The best? I didn’t have enough change, so after our nice chat she actually made a special price just for me. SCORE! I got an apple-cinnamon-quinoa muffin. It tasted great, although the quinoa taste was a bit dominant for me. That being said, I’d never tried quinoa in baked goods before, so I guess that might be normal. Apart from that, the muffin was great! Everything else looked delicious as well. The prices were a bit steep – $4.50 for a cupcake – but given that they’re organic, vegan, glutenfree and DELICIOUS; it’s definitely worth it for a treat.

So if you’re around the Toronto-Kingston area, please do check her out! You will find her booth on the Kingston town market and the Wednesday farmer’s market on Uni Avenue. The website is (also check out this post for more info and more cake pictures).
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!
Edit: Damn, it’s Wednesday. Where is my mind today?!